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March 1st, 2021

Coming back from Covid-19 was tough and we have been pondering a lot of what our core values are at Aspen Trails Dental. We wanted to create a vision for the clinic that would allow us to focus our training and focus our culture in our clinic. We were so cold coming back from two months off, we wanted to be hot again. Not just “H-O-T” hot but “H-A-W-T”. HAWT stands for Health Advanced Warmth Team.


Everything we do at Aspen Trails Dental is to help improve the health of our patients. Your health is our “WHY”. We are here to help you.


We pride ourselves on our use of technology. We strive to be cutting-edge for your comfort. Technology allows us to respect your time by bringing you in less. We also realized one of our greatest resources are the experiences of our team here. We want to be knowledgeable. Our team meetings have changed to be more focused on learning from each other. 


Clinical settings are often cold and frightening. We want warmth. We focus on meeting you with a smile and being genuine and polite. 


Work is better when you love the team you work with. Our clinic is big and it takes a village to make it run. We encourage everyone to work together and lift when others are struggling.

All of these things help us to give the best treatment possible and hopefully help change the way you feel about dentistry.

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